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ZFS Timeline Forensics
Honours Thesis
BSDCan 2014 Presentation
ZFS/ZDB Plaso Parsers


C and C++
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Assorted little scripts and apps.
Commandline/Android ToDo list stored in a text file.
Android Apps
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Game Mods

A Max Payne 2 mod - more realistic and deadly.
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C Helpdesk Resources
Customising Your CS Account
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Roleplaying Games

Shadowrun Notes(4th ed)
Heavy Gear Notes(2nd ed)
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Examples of my University work.


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This page shows off some of my more interesting projects at RMIT (i.e. intrinsically interesting, not just getting a correct answer to a contrived scenario for a good mark). My research work, including my later studies at Vic Uni, is on its own sub-site.

Some projects that I've done in my own time are on the Software page and elsewhere on this site.


This BibTeX file includes entries for all of my research and the coursework projects below.


Please check this site for all material related to my formal research work.


Countering the use of non-repudiation methods to compromise privacy

Literature review for Computer and Internet Forensics in 2010.

This report examines ways in which non-repudiation mechanisms can be exploited to compromise the anonymity or privacy of their users. Some of the possible consequences of privacy breaches are discussed, and an overview of Australian privacy legislation is provided. Two non-repudiation techniques which allow customers to remain anonymous and keep their communications private are explored.

Computer and Internet Forensics: Disk Image Investigation Assignment

This assignment involved a human trafficking scenario where the student was "hired" as a forensic investigator by the police, and provided with a disk image from the "suspect"s computer. Final sumbission required a full forensic report of professional quality.


Engineering Design Project: Implementing Absolute Addressing in a Motorola 68000 Processor

This was part of my 3-semester Engineering Design project, and built upon a partial clone of the Motorola 68000 processor I had already designed in VHDL. The processor was tested on a FPGA and could run simple programs in hardware, using emulated memory.


Numlock Client-Server Game

A simple Java client-server game created for a Computer Network Engineering 1 assignment. It has its own page over in the software section.

Real-time traffic control system

A QNX-based system to manage a small section of road with several cross instersections and pedestrian crossings. The main assignment for Real Time Systems Engineering in 2006.

Our system consists of a control program, controllers for each intersection as well as individual controllers at each light. It uses QNX "pulse" messages for all communication to ensure a guaranteed response speed. The system is designed so that any breakdown of communication will not result in an unsafe state, and the intersection and individual controllers will not obey commands which would cause an unsafe situation at the intersection.

No downloads yet - still looking through my archives...

Personal Projects

For some stuff I've done in my own time, check out the software page.

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