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Some assorted scripts and small apps I've written. Many are extensions of someone else's stuff. Some are under a BSD/Apache attribution-style licence, some are Public Domain - see the specific file for details.
Last updated 10 May 2013: Delay Feature
Monitors a number of files; when a new line is appended matching a regular expression, play a sound effect. Supports any number of configurable expressions and effects.
New Delay Option: You can specify a regex containing an integer number of seconds (e.g. "Please wait for ([0-9]+) seconds before reconnecting") - with delay option on, the script will read the amount from the matched line and play the sound effect after that many seconds.
Useful for altering you of serious problems, make a "geiger counter" with server logs, notify you when there is a new wifi network found, alert when you get attack/cooldown/mining messages in MMOs, etc. Uses pygame for the audio playback.
Last updated 07 January 2012: First commit
This is a simple example of how to generate graphs of a statistic using RRDTool and perl. It gets the GPU temperature of a Nvidia card (parsing output of the nvidia-smi command) then adds it to a RRDTool database. The script can be run from cron to gather the data; graphs are generated on demand by passing a command line option.
Last updated 11 September 2012: Noted site fix
Parses postpaid Vodafone usage data and tells you how much data and calls you have used.
The vodafone site used to display this incorrectly (hence this script); the site has recently been fixed.
You need to log in to "My Vodafone", and go to the usage details page then download the data. It should give you a CSV file - run this script with the file as and argument.
Last updated 20 October 2007: Restore tests now different depending on whether or not a level 0 dump was done. Fixes false failure bug.
A FreeBSD 6+ dump/backup script. Run once a day (by /etc/crontab) and takes dumps of live filesystems (using UFS2 snapshots as necessary). The dumps are piped through bzip2 (or another selectable compressor) and saved to a timestamped file in a given directory.
The script supports a range of backup schedules, from simple full backups every week, to incremental weekly and various Tower of Hanoi inspired arrangements. The schedule and other options are configurable constants up the top of the script.
Planned future features: Restore test failure prints diagnostics, automated post-command hook (for burning to backup media). Quiet mode.
Last updated 27 March 2006
A commandline dice roller script. As well as doing 'normal' (summed) rolls, it also supports some of the rolls for Alternity Shadowrun and Silhouette (Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles).
Planned future features: 4th edition Shadowrun rolls (you can just use target number 5 for now, although the rule of six works differently). Manpage or cli help.
The successor to todo.c (below), includes different types of todo items like "sleeping", "wishlist" and "appointment" which are all formatted/filtered/sorted differently. Now has and Android interface and its own page.
todo.c (Deprecated by
Last updated 21 September 2008: Fixed ANSI colour background for non-black terminals.
A console based todo/reminder app. Based on Emil's todo.c, this adds support for years (entries aren't silently pushed into next year when they go past their deadline), undated entries, ANSI colours, reversed sort, different .todo files and more.
Last updated 2009: Can allocate differnet chars to different entries for the busy-plots.
Console timetable/reminder app. While todo.c is for once off items, timetable.c is for stuff that heppens every week. Prints the classes you have to go in the next few days. Can also be used to generate weekly plots showing when you are busy and basic timetable printouts.
Last updated 08 December 2006
A nohup which will redirect stdin, stdout and stderr to files of your choice. Inspired by getting the results of several experiments mangled into the one ~/nohup.out (oops).
Last updated 30 July 2007: Cleaned up documentation
A script to add a random tag (quote) to the end of your signature in a mail or newspost. Adds an attribution or number to the headers. It supports searching (the tag used will be randomly selected from the subset of all those matching the search expression).
Last updated 20 October 2007: First Commit
Scans one or more text files looking for 8 bit characters. Prints the file/line/column of any which are found.
Last updated 20 October 2007: First Commit
Quick hack to pretty-print all the dependencies of a BSD Port, with their descriptions. It does all the build dependencies then all the run dependencies, and includes ports which are not up to date, so you will get some duplicates. It must be run from the port's directory (e.g. /usr/local/www/apache22), no arguments.
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