Tech Notes
Some old notes I put online during my RMITCS days, on Unix, Vim, C and Java, Security, ZFS, LDAP etc. New content like this will probably end up on my new blog.
Coursework Portfolio

This page shows off some of my more interesting projects from my undergraduate Science and Engineering degrees at RMIT.

My research work (from my later studies at Vic Uni) is on my research site.

A BibTeX file is available which includes entries for both my research publications and the coursework projects: dylanleigh.bib

My Resume / CV
There are print media styles and all CSS has been copied in - so it should work if you must save as a file, email as an attachment or print it. That said, where possible please link to the online version instead - it will always be the most recent, you can expand more on sections you’re interested in and it includes links to citations and projects.
Not technically true anymore since international domain names came in, but still a good standard to keep to.
Old Image Gallery
Some of the images from my old website. For nostalgic use only.
Historical RMITCS Stuff
(TODO: This has not been uploaded/moved from my old site yet) My old content on using the X based thin clients at RMIT School of Computer Science & IT. I’m keeping this for historical purposes as the thin clients were removed in 2009; unfortunately they let students use common or garden Windows or Macs now.