My non-research notes on software, system administration, network security and other tech stuff.

Any formal or semi-formal research work is on my research site; notes about pastries, nutrition, exercise, health etc are in the Food & Health section.

Assorted Unix Tips
Mostly commandline hints for common tasks.
Intro to Jabber / XMPP
Intro for new users to the Jabber/XMPP instant messaging system.
Vim Tips
Tips for the superior text editor.
ZFS Tips
Mostly USB-related stuff, some other hints too.
FreeBSD Tips
Assorted notes for FreeBSD admins
Small Scale LDAP Server
Introduction to LDAP and how to set up a SOHO LDAP server.
Unix Security Notes
Notes on hardening systems and good security practices.
C and C++ Notes
Mostly C, really.
Java Swing UI Tips
Some ancient writings on JFileChooser and JPopupMenu. Hopefully they still exist.